Working Together


I take a collaborative approach, working closely with program and development staff as your partner to…

  • Create truly donor-centric copy.
  • Find the stories your donors want to hear.
  • Use them to super-charge your Direct Mail creative and inspire your donors to give more.
  • Translate complex ideas and actions into language your donor responds to.
  • Integrate communication channels to boost giving and unify your message for your donors.

From motivating your donors to activism, to moving your donors to contribute, I can help. Use the contact information at the right for a free personal consultation on your specific project or needs.

Do you work at a smaller nonprofit, or are you new to the fundraising field? Consider my coaching service, a tailored approach to help you boost your organization’s fundraising creative while increasing your own knowledge about the industry.


  One Response to “Working Together”

  1. Afternoon, Richelle!
    Nancy Ellis just passed me your URL. (Nice site.)

    Did Nancy mention that I’m a member of an informal group of copywriters. We meet on the second Thursday of the month (5:30-7p) at Zoomtopia. It’s a friendly bunch, and a great chance to chat with sympathizers to our daily struggles as freelancers.

    Would you like to come to our next meeting (3/8) and check it out?
    You’d be most welcome.

    All hope all else is going well for you, Richelle.

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