About Richelle


I’ve lived in Portland, Oregon for almost twenty years, and for more than half that time, I’ve been helping nonprofits and other progressive organizations hone their creative efforts.

Direct mail fundraising packages and e-mails…blog entries…brochure copy…website copy…board reports…creative audits…you name it, and I’ve done it.  I expand that brilliant nugget of an idea that’s been floating around for years, unearth that quiet story, highlight that unsung hero of a program — using all the tools at your disposal (and mine!) to raise money, bond your donors/customers, and help you get your story out into the world.

I’m also Principal and Co-Founder of ARC Communications, a storytelling collaborative, and a co-facilitator for Creating the Future’s #NPCons monthly Twitter chat.

Need more specifics?

  • My direct mail acquisition packages routinely match or beat longstanding controls. One record-shattering package has consistently netted money for the organization over several mailings.
  • I’ve helped one client out-perform other organizations in its sector for seven consecutive quarters.
  • I save my clients money on production costs with simple design tricks.
  • I offer expert social media strategy to help enhance fundraising efforts.
  • I capture your unique voice — whether it’s telling a constituent’s story in a blog post, or penning a direct mail letter for your celebrity signer, your copy will sound like YOU.
  • My collaborative, in-depth approach gives me the ability to present the full spectrum of my clients’ work and helps unite program and fundraising staff in the business of raising money.

When I’m not obsessing about my clients’ creative, I write, read, knit, bike and help my husband raise our three children.

It’s a full life, but there’s always room for more. Contact me (see sidebar) for a full list of services or to discuss your specific project.